Veterinary Education

Developed to support veterinary students and trainees on land-based courses where to access WiFi is difficult, Myprogress is an offline mobile assessment app designed to support remote students and handle observation and skills assessments on EMS placement.

Support Extra-Mural Placements

Veterinary and land-based students frequently study in locations where WiFi or mobile signal is difficult to find. Myprogress allows you to record assessments and feedback offline on mobile, syncing when you have WiFi or signal.

Integrated ePortfolio

The app comes complete with an online portfolio where trainees can view feedback. Assessments taken in the app are automatically mapped against competencies and clinical skills framework alongside other rich evidence.

Improve the Student Experience

If trainees are in remote locations, it can be difficult to pick up on problems and provide timely feedback. Myprogress allows you to communicate with the student remotely, provide feedback in real-time and ensure they feel supported.

Visualise & Track Progression

Trainees can view their progress against competencies and their clinical skills framework through their extra-mural placement. Staff can gain valuable insight into student progress in their own Myprogress portal.

Encourage Practice Reflection

Trainees are encouraged to reflect on their practice within the dedicated reflection area within the Myprogress mobile app. Staff can also issue students with a specific reflection form centred around a learning objective or experience.

Enable Life-Long Learning

Trainees have their own Myprogress eportfolio where they can review and reflect on their progress throughout their course. After their course has ended, they can then take this away with them to support life-long learning.

Interview with Nottingham Veterinary School

When the University of Nottingham School of Veterinary and Science opened their doors in 2006, there was a strong ethos to integrate learning technologies to support and enhance the student experience.

In our interview we chat with Student Experience Manager, Ian Wood, who shares his experience on implementing Myprogress and how it's enhanced the student experience through supporting veterinary students in rural settings.

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