Developed by MyKnowledgeMap in partnership with customers around the world, Myprogress is a market-leading digital learning portfolio with built-in mobile app designed for assessment in a wide range of workplace-based environments.

Founded in 2000, we now have an international customer base, work with a third of the UK's medical schools and have a team of advisors and consultants with unrivalled expertise in workplace-based learning and assessment technology.

Innovation and Growth

At the forefront of learning technology

Working with some of the world's leading institutions, Myprogress has been developed based on our customer needs and continues to lead the way in innovation.

20 Years' Experience

Unparalleled consultancy expertise and support

Our team have enormous experience in education, skills-based learning and learning technology. Working closely with our customers, we understand your challenges.

Strong User Group

Share best practice and network with your peers

Our User Group runs every year in partnership with University of Cambridge, St George's University of London and Anglia Ruskin University.

Making a Difference

Transforming the learning experience

We're a friendly team of incredibly talented individuals, passionate about learning and assessment technology, and making a positive difference in the lives of our customers.


Myprogress is trusted by institutions across the world. You'll be in good company!

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