Myprogress are heading to EBMA 2018

Myprogress will be sharing their experiences in Medical Education at EBMA
Minho University, Braga, Portugal
November 22–24, 2018.

Our Chairman, Rob Arntsen will be sharing his knowledge on 'emerging technology trends in workplace based assessments'.

Event Overview

The EBMA conference is an event organised by professionals with expertise in medical assessment and training. The conference promotes best assessment practice in medical education and brings together experts from various institutions to discuss the common themes and issues, as well as sharing their own ideas.

Event Details

The conference theme for this year will focus around “Technology Enabled Assessment, reshaping the future of assessment for lifelong learners”. Based on his wealth of experience, our Chairman Rob Arnsten will be presenting on ‘Emerging Technology Trends in Workplace Based Assessment for Undergraduate Medicine’. Rob will outline some of the challenges unique to medical education and review emerging new technology extensions such as interactive log books, Big Data and most intriguingly the potential for AI technology assistance.



Minho University, Braga, Portugal

Known for its religious heritage and events and home to the oldest Cathedral in Portugal, Braga lies in the North West, 364km north of Lisbon.

 Braga can be easily accessed by road, coach or plane.