Myprogress leads the way in learning and assessment technology, and continues to develop functionality to support our customers in delivering outstanding learning programmes.


In workplace-based settings, going digital can be a challenge when WiFi access is unreliable – the Myprogress mobile app works offline and syncs when WiFi is available.


The Myprogress mobile app and eportfolio is easy to use with a simple, user-friendly interface designed to be intuitive for learners and staff alike.


A powerful authoring tool puts you in control of creating and managing forms and assessments. Easily define and manage different workflows for different assessment situations.


Clearly define access to forms so that only relevant information is gathered and seen by relevant individuals or groups. If assessments need to be securely signed off to officiate your process, we’ve got you covered.


Map assessments to learning outcomes or competencies and provide learners, faculty and management with real-time tracking of learner progress, strengths, weaknesses and an eportfolio view of achievements.


Versatile and detailed reporting allows you to get powerful analytics on learner progress, achievements and identify opportunities for improved feedback and feed-forward.

Considering Mobile Assessment Technology?

Digitally transforming the way you assess workplace-based learning is the next step to delivering outstanding learner experiences. Learn more about choosing a mobile tool for workplace-based assessment in our free guide.

Our comprehensive guide covers the important factors that you should consider when adopting mobile and digital assessment technology. Discover the functionality needed to support powerful learning experiences within challenging environments such as work-place based settings and competency observations.

Learn what you need to take into account regarding the assessment process, the student environment, and how you want both your students and staff to engage and communicate with each other.