Middlesex University go live with the Myprogress ePAD

As part of the PAN London group, Middlesex University London have launched the Myprogress electronic Practice Assessment Document (ePAD) to provide support for their nursing cohort.

Launching the Myprogress ePAD, Middlesex University will be using the practice assessment tool to provide full support to student nurses during their practice-based learning across the region. Initially starting with PGDip students, the ePAD will be made available to BSc students in January 2021 as they begin their programme.

The introduction of the 2018 Nursing & Midwifery (NMC) standards has encouraged nursing schools across the UK to transform their approach to practice-based learning from a practice assessment document on paper to an online version.

The Myprogress ePAD allows Nursing Schools like Middlesex University and the entire PAN London Practice Learning Group to implement an infrastructure that enables staff on and off campus to support student nurses out on placement. The NMC standards also introduced a tripartite team of Practice Supervisors, a Practice Assessor, and an Academic Assessor to ensure students are supported to the fullest during the practice learning experience. These roles are supported within the ePAD and the tool provides clear visibility to the student’s performance during their placement – allowing staff to be proactive in their approach and deliver timely support when needed.

The Myprogress ePAD is a dedicated extension of MyKnowledgeMap’s award-winning assessment tool, Myprogress, which is used in medical schools and universities around the world.

Middlesex University is one of the many Nursing Schools in the UK who are implementing the ePAD in the current academic year. The rollout is part of a wider PAN London project and includes King's College London, City, University of London and University of Greenwich.

Want to know more about the Myprogress ePAD? Click here to get in touch with the team for a chat or a full demonstration.