The Medical College of Wisconsin Adopt the Myprogress ePortfolio and Assessment Tool

The Medical College of Wisconsin adopt Myprogress for an initial 2-year roll out on their Wausau Campus

The Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), a private medical school and graduate school of sciences headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has adopted Myprogress as their chosen ePortfolio and practice-based assessment tool. Initially rolling out Myprogress across their Wausau campus over a two-year period, The Medical College of Wisconsin will be the 5th Medical College using Myprogress to transform practice-based assessment and feedback in the US.

Through using the Myprogress ePortfolio and mobile app, staff can easily provide authentic and quality feedback to students in practice settings, giving them the valuable support they need whilst they are on rotation. Due to the challenges of working in clinical settings, the Myprogress app is designed to work entirely offline - so no WiFi connection is needed, this means there is minimal disruption to the assessment process and greater opportunity for MCW students to focus on the mentorship experience, feedback gained and quality patient care.

Back in 2016, MCW accepted its first class of medical students on its Wausau campus. The campus was created to support the development of the next generation of outstanding physicians, scientists, pharmacists and health professionals within the area. With this in mind, Myprogress will support The Medical College of Wisconsin in this aim in the coming years.

Tom Holland, Myprogress Product Manager, said:

"We're very happy to welcome the Medical College of Wisconsin to the Myprogress user-base, and it's fantastic to see Myprogress continue to grow in medical schools across the USA."