Become a Myprogress™ Business Partner

The Myprogress™ system can be adapted to work in a wide variety of ways. It can add value to many existing related training and education solutions. We know that the specific expertise of a business partner can enable Myprogress to form part of a contextualised solution in many different situations.

We therefore welcome enquiries from potential business partners we are interested in exploring with us how Myprogress can be used in new situations.

We operate two complementary schemes to support our business partners:

The Myprogress Reseller Program The Myprogress Affiliate Program

Authorized Myprogress Resellers

Myprogress™ Authorized Resellers sell and provide first-line support for the Myprogress product and services to their clients.

Authorized Resellers use the Myprogress solution as a building block in their total solution for their clients, together with their own value-added services such as implementation consulting, product training and integration with other complementary systems.

Myprogress Authorized Resellers are important partners of MyKnowledgeMap and are entitled to receive technical, marketing, and sales information as well as Myprogress product licenses to support their sales, implementation, support, internal business, and marketing needs.

Program Benefits

Myprogress' Authorized Resellers are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Sales collateral available for localization & co-branding
  • Product Software for in-house use
  • Product Software for demonstration purposes
  • Access to on-line Myprogress Support
  • Product Training
  • Technical and marketing updates
  • Lead referrals from MyKnowledgeMap for opportunities in their sales territory

For more information or to explore if the Myprogress Reseller agreement may be suitable for you, please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.

Myprogress Affiliates

The Myprogress Affiliate Program provides a way for professionals in the fields of education, assessment, learning, software, etc. who are aware of a need in an organization for an observational assessment solution to refer these companies to MyKnowledgeMap and be rewarded for their efforts.

The Affiliate program is an important part of MyKnowledgeMaps' plan for communicating to as many organizations as possible the benefits that a powerful observational assessment system can bring to many workplace learning situations.

The Myprogress Affiliate Program is intended for individuals or companies who do not wish to become Myprogress Resellers.

For more information please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.

Get in touch

MyKnowledgeMap also welcomes the opportunity to work with independent companies and professional bodies to create composite or more complex solutions where Myprogress may form a component part of a wider service offering. For more information or to explore if the one of our business partner programs may be suitable for you, please contact us.